To Europe and beyond!

The Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sport


The college has been awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) - ERAMUS+ 2014-2020 - This charter enables Gabriel Faure College to request funding from its National Erasmus+ Agency.

These mobility projects were launched to assist students and teachers at HEIs

(higher education institutions)

Student mobility: intern mobility

Internships abroad can take place in companies or other workplaces and must be integrated into the student’s study programme. Student mobility is possible in all academic fields and disciplines. Internship duration: 2 to 12 months. Each student may spend up to 12 months on foreign internships per study cycle, regardless of the number or type of mobility activities. Take a look at the News section to read real accounts.

Internship countries: Students’ mobility activities must take place in a programme member country or in a partner country other than the country of their home college and the country in which they are living during their studies. For many years now, Gabriel Faure College has been working in partnership with companies in countries such as England, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

Eligible participants: Students who are registered at a HEI and studying programmes that lead to a recognised diploma or another recognised higher-level qualification (up to and including PhD level).
Gabriel Faure College is allocated fewer mobility options than there are applicants, which means candidate selection is necessary. In accordance with 2E2F agency regulations, Erasmus+ grants are awarded based on the following criteria: academic results (average grade), the level of the language students will use while working at the host organisation (average grade of the language used during the internship), motivation (diligence, criteria discussed with the committee) and independence and dedication (researching internships independently without relying on organisations).
When students return from their internships abroad, they write a report on their professional, personal and cultural experience... and include a few photos.


Staff mobility: teaching and training

Staff mobility for teaching purposes:
This activity enables teaching staff at HEIs or company staff to teach at a partner HEI abroad. Staff mobility for teaching purposes is possible in all academic fields and disciplines.

Staff mobility for training purposes:
This activity supports the professional development of teaching and non-teaching staff at HEIs and is based on training events abroad (excluding conferences) and observation periods in work/training situations in a partner HEI or another relevant organisation abroad.

Activity duration: From 2 days to 2 months, excluding travel time. In any case, teaching activities must include at least eight hours of teaching per week (or any other shorter duration of stay).

Activity host country: Staff must carry out their mobility activity in a programme member country or in a partner country other than the country of their home organisation and their country of residence.

Eligible participants: Staff working in a HEI in a programme member country or a partner country.


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